Soffits & Fascias

CES WINDOWS can transform the look of your home with new Soffits & Fascias.

Just take a look at the front of your house right now and compare it with the houses around you! You can see that the houses which stand out are the ones that have new soffits.

One great thing about soffits is they make your whole roof area look fantastic. If you stand in your driveway and look at your roof, you’ll see the soffit plain enough, but maybe not the roof itself as it tapers away from the house!

The other great thing is that soffits do not suffer from direct exposure to rain, the sun and the worst elements nature has to offer. This is simply because they are protected by your roof.

The result is that soffits can last for decades, looking like they were installed only months earlier! Keep them reasonably maintained and only an expert could tell the difference.

This is why soffits are so important at creating a wonderful and long-lasting look for your house. Often overlooked when they need replacing, yet always noticed when they look fantastic – and we at CES Windows want your home to look fantastic!

Soffits and Fascias can often look tired, old and rotten especially after having new windows or doors fitted, here at CES Windows we can provide a full package to suit your needs using the very best ‘Roofline’ Products to improve your home.

Over clad or full ‘rip off’ options available to suit your requirements and your budget.

Available in a variety of colours and styles to match your home.

All work is guaranteed.

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