Secure, Safe Locks & Hinges

Visage® Tested, certified and manufactured
to the very highest standards for proven
safety, security and your peace of mind
As an industry acclaimed range of high security windows and doors, Visage® is manufactured to the requirements of the following accreditations:-
BS 7412.

This covers important quality implications such as materials, construction, security, safety, as well as weather-tightness, operation and strength performance.

BS EN 12608 (BS 7413)
Specification for the high standard of extruded PVCu profile that goes into manufacturing the Visage® system. This license incorporates BS 5750 Part 2, a quality management system assurance declaration, and includes BS 6375 Part 1 concerning weatherability.

BS EN ISO 9001: 2008/2015
Management system accreditation promoting excellence in corporate operating procedures from the simplest task to the most complex production order. This hard earned, prestigious standard is rigorously policed,
ensuring that a high level of quality is met time after time by the manufacturers.


Specification for the weatherability.